15- Iemanja Villa

IEMANJA VILLA is our latest achievement (IEMANJA is the name of the Yoruban/Brasilian Goddess of the sea and water in general)

This Villa is all laying on the ground floor, it features 5 bedrooms (4 king size and 1 queen size) all with bathroom en suite: 4 of them are located around a beautiful large swimming pool, where the water is spouting from the mouth of a lion into a kiddies pool waterfalling onto the main pool which on its turn is overflowing into the Caribbean sea on the south coast of Anguilla, enjoying the view of St. Martin and, south of it, of Saba. The 5th bedroom is open on the fresh and breezy Tamarind tree garden behind the house to the East.

If you want to have an exact idea and if you are looking at the main plan of our website, IEMANJA is located immediately south of our SEASONG Villa, just on the seawater edge.

The living room features a breathtaking 80’ length down to the sea on the south, continuing into a huge covered porch on the west end side of the large pool, increasing the total length of the covered space to more than 120’ from the main entrance on the north to the sea on the south.

The Villa is displaying a lot of valuable antique items, mainly brasilian but not only, in a fusion (‘brassage’) of cultures spanning from Africa to the Far East, only a direct look on site of what it offers can give you an idea (we hope you’ll not run away).

Of course the Villa is fully air conditioned, featuring a large Chef’s kitchen with 2 stoves, 2 fridges, 2 double sinks and all the amenities of a real Chef’s kitchen, a large garage and a double laundry is just nearby to the East.


This fully air conditioned Villa of about 4,000 sqft “pied dans l’eau” is the latest one built in a modern, yet genuinely Caribbean style, and it has to be regarded as a new top end product which is featuring 5 bedrooms, a huge living room inside and an even bigger partying areas by the beautiful swimming pool where water is ejected by a lion’s mouth filling a large basin and then waterfalling into the pool, the large covered porch is just thereby for dining or partying.  Antique furniture, TV’s, HiFi’s , Internet etc are part of the amenities which also include a well equipped laundry, a large Chef kitchen and the garage built in the main body of the building just aside of the kitchen and the laundry

5 bedrooms/5 bathrooms/10 persons, in detail :
4 king size bedrooms all with bathroom en suite
1 queen size bedroom to the south just on the pool with bathroom en suite.


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