04- A.I.Y.C


The Anguilla International Yacht Club (A.I.Y.C.) is a private anguillian corporation, open to all interested applicants meeting the requirements outlined for membership, to their friends and to the guests of Yacht Club Villas at CallalooClub during their stay in the villas.
The A.I.Y.C. is incorporated in compliance with the Anguillian laws and regulations and organized according to its Bylaws.

Private events (both for juniors and for adults), including official ceremonies and weddings, are organized in the A.I.Y.C. premises and facilities according to the requirements and suggestions of members.

The A.I.Y.C. features not only an exclusive Wine Bar and a Restaurant, but also a Boutique where unique A.I.Y.C.  items, including  A.I.Y.C. silverware and watches, are sold.

The Club House and its Boutique are fully furnished with tropical/colonial style original furniture enriched by some antique items and sailboat maquettes.

Tradewinds are currently supplying a pleasant natural ventilation, but fans and full airconditioning are available in case of need.

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