located at Tiny Bay, Cul de Sac, Anguilla, B.W.I., together with

 are now available for sale as a whole or separately.

It has to be noted that in case of Buyer’s preference the Seller can keep the Museum and 1 (or 2) villas bordering the property to the East where he could move the Museum which now is located (see n. 12 on the Map) on the ground floor of Inanna House, in the center of the Resort.

As it can be seen herewith, the aerial map is listing a total of 17 concrete structures (plus the large and solid concrete pier) numbered in anticlockwise order from 01 to 17, among which are bookmarked 7 Art Villas, some really large and outstanding.

All the buildings and the private beach are laying on the about 10 acres tip of Cul de Sac Peninsula facing St.Martin Island to the South and Rendez Vous Bay to the West and Northwest. It is also important to underline that out of the total surface of the compound about 5 acres are still fully constructible, even for higher rise buildings.

By its own structure and location all the development guarantees an absolute privacy as no through traffic or beach through walking is feasible, it is also a clean free hold never mortgaged property belonging to one individual only, with about 100,000 sqft (= about 9,300 square meters) of covered areas, decks and pools.

A Greg Norman Signature Design 18-Hole Championship Course is also available just across Rendez Vous Bay, less than 5 minutes away by boat or by car.

Description and pictures can be found at the pages 01 to 17 on the right side herewith.

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NOTE 1 : During the visit of Hurricane IRMA on the 5th of September 2017 all the buildings (very solid concrete structures including the roofs) suffered little or no damage at all, they will locally require some paint refreshment and replacement of some sliding door glasses and fixed window glasses which were cracked (even though the hurricane shutters remained strongly in place) by the pressure and high vibrations caused by the wind which however never could get in and ravage the internal layouts and decorations, the majority of the Air Conditioning condensers, piping and several blowers shall have to be replaced, same as the Yacht Club 7 nations flag poles and the 65’ tall sailboat mast flying the Yacht Club flag and burgees. Also just a few wood porches and wooden gazebo roofs have been affected and need restoration, as well as the beautiful landscaping which shall require some time to get back to the original splendor.

NOTE 2 : S.A.S. Prince Albert II of Monaco is still the Honorary President of the Anguilla International Yacht Club since His visit to Anguilla in 2004 when He was granted such Title by the Chairman of the Board of the A.I.Y.C., the Hon. Osborne Fleming, Chief Minister of Anguilla at the time.


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